22 May 2010

Women second or third to football in male chats - poll

12:17 pm on 22 May 2010

When men get together with their mates football is the main topic of conversation, not their wives and girlfriends or even work.

Nearly 90 percent of men questioned in a global survey said they talked about their favorite football teams and players when they got together with friends, significant others came in a distant second at 45 percent and work trailed behind with 34 percent.

The round ball code most dominated male conversations in China and Russia, for 94 percent and 93 percent of men, according to the survey that spanned 15 countries and included 5,300 men.

Women slipped to third place as a conversation topic in Germany and France.

England is the most football-mad country in the world with men discussing and watching their favorite sport there more than anywhere else. Brazil was a close second.

South Africa, which is hosting the World Cup next month, was dubbed the most social nations because 20 percent of men watched their favorite sport in groups of 10 or more.