1 Jul 2010

Australasian cricket bosses gutted by Howard rejection

6:07 am on 1 July 2010

The Australian and New Zealand cricket bosses say they're gutted their nomination for the next ICC vice-Presidency has been rejected.

The former Australian Prime Minister John Howard had been nominated for the position by Cricket Australia and New Zealand Cricket, who have now been asked to put forward another candidate by the ICC.

The decision was made at the week-long ICC executive board meeting in Singapore.

Under the ICC's regional rotation process... Cricket Australia and New Zealand Cricket have been invited to re-nominate a candidate by August 31st, with the vice-president to serve two years then become president in 2012.

New Zealand Cricket chairman Alan Isaac says he's angered at the ICC's refusal to detail their reasons for the rejection.

At this stage both chairmen will go back to their board's before any further annoucements are made.

Sir John Anderson was beaten by Howard for the Australasian nomination and so could become their next nomination, although Issac says he's not sure if Anderson is still interested.

Issac says they were happy with their nomination of Howard and won't accept that he is the wrong person for the job,

The opposition was led by Zimbabwe and South Africa, who questioned Howard's suitability given his hardline stance against Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe regime when he was prime minister.