1 Jul 2010

A lot of economics to be discussed before All Whites WC qualifiers change

12:34 pm on 1 July 2010

The New Zealand Football CEO Michael Glading says there is a lot of negotiating to take place before there can be a change in the All Whites' qualification process for the next World Cup.

The All Whites qualified for South Africa by winning Oceania and then beating the 5th placed Asian team, Bahrain, in a play-off.

However Glading and the Oceania Confederation have been talking to FIFA about the Oceania winner playing in the final Asian group qualifiers ahead of the Brazil 2014 tournament.

That would give New Zealand more matches and hopefully produce more revenue... however Glading says there is a lot to be considered....

He says matches against top Asian teams like Japan, South Korea and Australia would generate money, however the Asians may not be keen on the extra travel and the prospect of playing a team like New Zealand which may not pull the crowds over there.

Glading says worse case scenario is that nothing changes and New Zealand takes the same route to Brazil 2014.