16 Jul 2010

World Cup was timebomb, says Anelka

4:47 pm on 16 July 2010

Nicolas Anelka, the Chelsea striker at the eye of the storm that rocked the French team at the World Cup, has described the tensions between the squad and coach as a timebomb waiting to go off.

Anelka was sent home from the World Cup in disgrace for verbally abusing France coach Raymond Domenech at half-time in the 2-0 loss to Mexico in the group stages of the competition.

His expulsion provoked an angry reaction from his team-mates who refused to take part in a training session ahead of their next game against South Africa which the French eventually lost, ending their World Cup campaign.

Anelka's told a French newspaper that if it hadn't been him that brought everything to a head, it would have been someone else as the players were united.