9 Nov 2008

New Zealanders dominate adventure racing champs

7:12 am on 9 November 2008

An New Zealand adventure racing squad has has won the World Championships in Brazil after four days of non-stop racing covering 520 kilometres.

Two hundred and forty athletes from 15 nations competed and there were New Zealanders in each of the first three teams.

Auckland-based Wayne Oxenham, Anna Berthelson, Brent Edwards and Stu Lynch took the lead from defending champions, Team Nike USA, 18 hours from the finish.

Former Coast to Coast winner Ian Edmond and his wife Nora, racing for USA's Team Sole, passed the defending world champions ,Team Nike, in the last 12 hours to claim second.

Team Nike, which included New Zealand's Gordon Walker and Chris Forne, maintained third.

A second all New Zealand squad, Rhys Burns, Nathan Peterson, Sonya Clark and Chris Morrissey, finished ninth after holding fourth for much of the race.