20 Mar 2012

Now armed police always expected in Ruatoki - resident

8:01 pm on 20 March 2012

A Ruatoki resident says that, following a recent armed offenders call-out in the town, it seems the community can expect the police to always turned up armed when they are called.

Police went to a property in the small Eastern Bay of Plenty township looking for a man they believe is dangerous.

Ruatoki is still recovering from the police raid in 2007 and resident Hana Harawira says the latest call out has re-opened old wounds.

She says it's now at a point where the community expects that, whenever police are in Ruatoki, they'll be wearing black uniforms and carrying guns.

The jury in the trial of four people charged after the 2007 raid on Tuesday found them guilty on a number of firearms charges but has not been able to reach a verdict on whether they were part of a criminal group.