29 Mar 2012

Rebels buy a foothold in Kaikohe - police

7:05 am on 29 March 2012

Police say they are bitterly disappointed the Rebels motorcycle gang has been able to buy a property in Kaikohe.

Known for its alleged drug-dealing activities, the gang has been trying to set up a base in Northland since last year.

It was forced to surrender its lease on a Whangarei property after a public outcry - but it has now purchased a yard with a small office in Kaikohe's Mangakahia Road.

Senior Sergeant Arthur McLean says Kaikohe and its at-risk youth have enough problems without the added pitfalls of a gang presence.

He tried to persuade the property-owner to put the community first and not sell to the Rebels, but was unsuccessful.

The gang's Northland spokesperson, Bernard Monk, is in custody on charges of supplying methamphetamine, assaulting a woman and burglary.