12 Apr 2012

Melbourne tracks reworked for wider audience

8:36 pm on 12 April 2012

A co-producer of a new CD featuring Maori songs by the late Dr Hirini Melbourne hopes the reworked tracks will become popular among people who don't speak Maori.

Dr Melbourne was renowned for his music and reviving traditional Maori instruments such as the flute, as well as setting up the Maori Music showcase, Pao, Pao, Pao.

The new album, He Rangi Paihuarere, features the talents of established and emerging Maori musicians, who've added their own music style to some of the tracks.

A co-producer, Ngatapa Black, says the CD also features interviews with musicians, in part to encourage young people to learn Te Reo and about how the music industry works.

Artists on the album include, Warren Maxwell formerly of Trinity Roots, Te Awanui Reeder of Nesian Mystik, and four-time 2010 winner at the Waiata Maori Awards, Maisey Rika.

Miss Black says the compilation has the quality, the talent and even artists who've reached number one spots in the mainstream music industry.

She hopes songs from the album can push the boundaries and be enjoyed by Maori and non-Maori speakers.