17 Apr 2012

More awareness of domestic violence - Te Kupenga

7:44 am on 17 April 2012

Te Kupenga, a national network for stopping violence and abuse in the whanau, says it doesn't believe there is more domestic violence - but instead there is increased awareness of it.

Te Kupenga, a network of 42 independent community-based groups throughout the country, is holding a hui at Hongaeka Marae in Plimmerton, north of Wellington.

Its kaihautu (coordinator) Parekotuku Moore, says family violence is always a political issue, but rather than increasing, there is an increased awareness within communities, and the hui is bringing together workers in the field to refine "best practice".

Ms Moore says empowering the family - whakamanahia te whanau - is making a difference.

Family members are having far more frank conversations with each other than they ever had before.

Ms Moore the Government plays a big part in what is discussed in the public agenda.

Parekotuku Moore says the hui is bringing workers in the field together to re-fine best practice.