10 May 2012

Top award for Maori language teacher

6:58 pm on 10 May 2012

A Maori language teacher at one of the few te reo immersion schools in Taranaki has received a National Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Aroaro Tamati, who teaches at Te Kopae Piripono in New Plymouth, has been honoured for her tireless commitment to the school over the last 18 years.

She says the recognition is a win-win situation for her and the kura.

Mrs Tamati says the kura exists to help rebuild te reo resources in Taranaki which were lost through aggressive colonisation.

She says everything that each whanau member contributes to the community is acknowledged, and she is just another cog in the wheel.

Mrs Tamati says the school views everyone, teachers and pupils alike, as leaders.

She says structured society dictates leadership as a boss being at the top, but in fact at Te Kopae, she is just part of the whanau, and when she does well, everyone at the kura does well.