26 Jun 2012

Maori Television to screen far more te reo

7:17 pm on 26 June 2012

Maori Television is significantly boosting its te reo Maori programming.

From 1 July, the broadcaster will run a range of Maori language tuition programming from 10am through to 3pm.

Maori Television was set up by the Crown in 2004 to help promote and revitalise te reo Maori.

Chief executive Jim Mather says there will not be any reduction in the amount of prime-time evening Maori language programming.

He says it is not costing much money to boost its schedules, because it already owns the programmes it will play.

Mr Mather says Maori Television is creating a virtual Maori language classroom for most of the country.

He says the axing of the public service channel TVNZ 7 and the expansion of Maori Television - both on 1 July - is pure coincidence.