7 Aug 2012

'Only one limit' to anti-violence programmes' success

2:00 pm on 7 August 2012

Te Kupenga, the National Network of Stopping Violence and Abuse in Maori Families, says its success is only limited by the resources it can call on.

The network of 42 independent community-based groups, which includes 14 kaupapa Maori agencies, is hosting its first South Island training seminar this month.

Maori development director Parekotuku Moore says the network has developed successful stopping violence programmes for Maori men.

She says the network has very well trained and skilled people who are passionate about what they do and find it difficult to say no to families in need.

But Ms Moore says the ability to respond effectively and in a long sustaining way to communities where violence is a concern depends on the number of trained people the network can put on the ground.