13 Aug 2012

Impact of 'fly in, fly out' work investigated

1:45 pm on 13 August 2012

A researcher is investigating the impact of "fly in, fly out" work for Maori who live in Aotearoa and work in Australia.

Waikato University senior research fellow Tahu Kukutai says the study is part of a bigger project focussing on global Maori diaspora.

Dr Kukutai says her research will assess the effects of ''fly in, fly out'' migration including the challenges for the whanau and iwi of the workers.

While it is well-known that a lot of Maori live and work in Australia, she says, it is not yet known what the consequences of such migration are.

Dr Kukutai says a growing number of Maori men are taking up work in remote parts of Australia where they are provided with food and lodgings while their families remain at home in New Zealand.

She says Maori are one of the most geographically mobile indigenous people in the world.