3 Sep 2012

Auckland plan launched

7:15 pm on 3 September 2012

A 30-year plan to improve the lives of Maori living in Auckland is being launched on Monday.

It has been developed by the Independent Maori Statutory Board, which was established two years ago to lobby Auckland Council on issues important to Maori.

The plan has five key directions relating to the well-being of Auckland Maori.

They are: developing vibrant communities; enhancing leadership and participation; improving the quality of life for Maori; promoting their distinctive identity and ensuring a sustainable future.

Specific goals include access to public facilities; participation in tertiary study; representation in public institutions, and co-governance of natural resources.

Access to health care and quality, affordable housing is another aim, along with a sense of pride and belonging, and social equity.

The board says the plan summarises the aspirations of Maori in Auckland.