13 Sep 2012

Tauranga radio wants to make te reo more inclusive

6:46 am on 13 September 2012

An iwi radio programme director says his station is looking at new strategies to promote te reo without excluding non-Maori speakers.

Te Mangai Paho (the Maori Broadcasting Funding Agency) says it's looking for quality over quantity.

It says it might mean iwi stations would broadcast fewer hours of te reo than the eight hours all stations are required to do in order to receive government funding.

Moana Radio programme director Norm Rahiri said his station in Tauranga is looking at moving away from block programming to spreading Maori language content in smaller pieces over more hours to accommodate listeners in the rohe who aren't fluent in te reo.

Mr Rahiri said Moana Radio wants to make te reo available in such a way that they aren't alienating their audience, including Maori listeners, who can't speak their language.

He said the station wants to target the more receptive listeners who can tolerate the language without ramming it down their throats with continuous hours of wall to wall te reo.