4 Oct 2012

Council accused of mistreating Ngapuna

6:30 am on 4 October 2012

Rotorua District Council is being accused of mistreating residents in the suburb of Ngapuna, where a rubbish transfer station is proposed.

Resource consent given to Transpacific Industries Group to build the station, prompted one Ngapuna resident John Tapiata to file an appeal in the Environment Court.

He's disappointed that neither Rotorua District Council nor Bay of Plenty Regional Council carried out a cultural impact assessment of the area.

A popular hot pool and marae are located in the suburb which is classed as an industrial area.

Mr Tapiata says Ngapuna has always been treated badly by the council and the latest consent is just one on a list of development proposals in the suburb it's agreed to.

He says in the 1960's permission was given to build a sewerage scheme and now it's a rubbish facility.

Mr Tapiata says in this day and age the council needs to be more culturally sensitive.

Rotorua Council says it wants to clarify that the transfer station proposal is one which was been put forward by a private business, and is not in anyway associated with the council.

It says usually once an appeal is filed with the Environment Court, it does not comment publicly until after the court has issued its decision.