29 Oct 2012

Queensland cop humbled to receive traditional Maori cloak

6:32 am on 29 October 2012

A Queensland policeman is thrilled the Maori community has recognised the efforts made to build strong bridges with Australian officers.

The Queensland Police Service was presented with two traditional Maori cloaks over the weekend symbolising the close bond between Maori and the police.

One korowai was made for the Queensland Commissioner of Police, and the other one is for a Maori police officer to wear during ceremonial events.

Sergeant Paul Tanzer - who has been devoted to working with the Maori community in Logan near Brisbane - was chosen to be the first officer to wear the Commissioner's korowai.

He said he's proud to be associated with the project, and is humbled by the gesture made by local Queensland Maori.

Sergeant Tanzer said it's very rewarding to see how well Maori are accepting the Queensland Police Service by gifting two korowai.

The korowai was presented to him by Superintendent Wallace Haumaha, the New Zealand police general manager of Maori and Ethnic Services.

Sergeant Tanzer has been in the force for 30 years, and the last few years has been involved with the Tutahi Tonu consultative committee, which is involved in recruiting Maori into the QPS.

Besides working with the Maori community in south east Queensland, he is also the officer in charge of the Cross Cultural Unit in the Logan District dealing with a diverse range of people from different ethnic backgrounds.