4 Nov 2012

Cloak shows respect between police, Maori

9:06 pm on 4 November 2012

A high ranking Maori police officer says a korowai gifting ceremony last weekend in Queensland demonstrates genuine regard Maori and the police have for each other.

Superintendent Wally Haumaha attended the event where two Maori cloaks were presented to the Queensland Commissioner of Police.

One will be on permanent display and the other will be for a Maori police officer to wear during ceremonial occasions.

Superintendent Haumaha says it's huge step forward for the Queensland Police and is an example of a true partnership.

He says with 38,000 Maori living mainly in the south of the state it makes sense that such a relationship with the QPS should exist.

He says it was a historic occasion for the police there in terms of forging a relationship with Maori.