16 Nov 2012

Statistics show slight growth in Maori population

6:33 am on 16 November 2012

The rate of change in the Maori population is up very slightly on earlier this year.

In the latest estimates from Statistics New Zealand, Maori make up 15.4% of the population.

The change in the last 10 years has only been 0.3%, slower than the previous decade when it grew by 1.5%.

The most marked change in the Maori population is in the over-80s where there are now more than twice as many Maori over 80 compared with a decade ago.

There are now 5000 people in that age group.

Statistics New Zealand says the proportion of older Maori is still lower than in the general population.

It says the number of Maori men living longer has been growing faster in the past decade.

One in seven New Zealanders identify as being Maori, bringing the total Maori population to just over 682,000.