17 Dec 2012

Centre to create greener environment

6:37 am on 17 December 2012

One of two iwi representatives on a Whanganui Trust which will develop and run a new resource recovery centre in the city, says it will help create a greener environment for all residents.

On Friday, the Tupoho Whanau Trust signed a deed with Wanganui District Council, which paves the way for recycling services to be built on Maori-owned land near the city's old prison.

Ken Mair from Te Runanga o Tupoho said the facility to be completed by the middle of next year, could employ up to 40 people.

He said as well as the operational aside of the business, there will be an educational focus to make Whanganui a more sustainable community.

Mr Mair said the iwi is very excited about being part of the venture, which will benefit the tribe, the council and the community.