22 Jan 2013

Scholarships set to help Maori businesses

8:30 pm on 22 January 2013

An independent charitable trust is aiming to help Maori to own and operate their own business ventures.

Te Putea Whakatupu trust has created three categories of scholarship grants.

The latest is called Whanui, and has been set up in partnership with the Federation of Maori Authorities.

Ten Whanui scholarships are available and are each worth $10,000 and available for Maori tertiary students enrolled in agribusiness and agriscience to apply for.

Putea Whakatupu trust chair Richard Jefferies says the organisation's primary goal over the next 20 years is to lift Maori business achievement.

He says it's about Maori owning and running their own businesses.

Mr Jefferies says many tangata whenua are in low level of employment whether in farming or forestry, while very few Maori are in middle and senior management.

Recipients of scholarships will be the people filling those senior management roles so that Maori are involve in all levels of business, he says.