28 Jan 2013

Trampers want say in who runs Te Urewera

9:32 am on 28 January 2013

Tramping and mountain climbers are asking for a say in who will oversee the top level management of Te Urewera.

As part of a forthcoming Treaty settlement, Tuhoe and the Crown will jointly govern the national park under a separate legal entity.

Federated Mountain Clubs wants the Government to consider allowing non-governmental organisations to nominate board members.

But its president Robin McNeill says it's unlikely their suggestion will get ministerial backing.

He understands the Government is not supportive of having interest groups making board nominations - which he says is a mistake.

Mr McNeill says organisations such as his and Forest and Bird can add a huge amount because they identify very closely with the land.

However, he says if making nominations is not possible, Federated Mountain Clubs can live with it.

Mr McNeill says his group has good relations with Tuhoe and there's a high level of trust.