29 Jan 2013

Call for 'crony-free' Te Urewera board

7:26 am on 29 January 2013

A national conservation group says it doesn't want what it calls Government cronies overseeing the management of Te Urewera.

The national park is due to be jointly governed by the Crown and Tuhoe after a Treaty settlement is signed.

Forest and Bird is pushing for board members on the Crown side to have expertise in conservation and recreation.

The lobby group's general manager, Mike Britton, says the appointees also need to have mana.

He says in the past national parks had members nominated by Forest and Bird and the Royal Society.

Mr Britton says it would be good to have the expertise of science, conservation and recreation put into the legislation - or at least into the management of Te Urewera on a short term basis while the new entity is bedding in.

Federated Mountain Clubs has said it wants the Government to consider allowing non-governmental organisations to nominate who will be on the new board.