31 Jan 2013

Pakeha man wants new national flag

9:56 am on 31 January 2013

New Zealanders are being asked by a Pakeha artist to consider the idea of creating a brand new national flag that would unite all people.

Northland man Lester Hall Mr Hall has posted the topic on his web page, as well as his own illustrations of possible national flags which encompass the Union Jack and generic koru patterns.

He is trying to prompt conversation on the subject and questions the Government's motivation for Maori to consider a Maori flag to fly alongside the national one on Waitangi Day, asking what that illustrates.

Mr Hall says it could mean tangata whenua are separate and different and should stand aside.

But he says he wants people to find a flag in which Maori and Pakeha, as well as other New Zealanders, are able to be comfortable standing under.