11 Feb 2013

Family Budgeting Services sees more Maori clients

6:33 am on 11 February 2013

The Federation of Family Budgeting Services is reporting a big rise in the number of Maori seeking help - recording an increase of 41% last year.

Maori now make up 43% of all the people it sees.

Tangata whenua numbers were lower In previous years, but Maori outnumbered Pakeha clients for the second consecutive year.

Chief executive Raewyn Fox put the sharp rise down to the organisation becoming more culturally savvy.

Ms Fox said Maori are struggling financially and the pressure on parents to provide for their children's schooling needs as they return to the classroom is typical at this time of the year.

She said the organisation is trying to be more user-friendly and is providing more services in Maori communities.

Ms Fox said the National Urban Maori Authority has also expressed an interest in wanting to belong to the federation which will inevitably result in more Maori clients using Family Budgeting Services.