19 Feb 2013

Tauranga iwi forum disappointed over Rena decision

6:48 am on 19 February 2013

Tauranga Moana a Toi Iwi Forum chairman Te Awanui Black says he does not take any comfort from an assurance by the owner of the Rena, that leaving the rest of the wreck on Astrolabe reef will not pose a threat to the marine environment.

Since the ship grounded in October 2011, salvers have removed more than 1000 containers and cut the bow section down to one metre below the low tide mark.

Rena insurer The Swedish Club now plans to apply for consent under the Resource Management Act to leave remaining sections of the wreck and any debris where they are.

Mr Black said Maori are adamant the wreck be removed so the mauri or life force of the sea can be restored to normal.

He said what has happened to the marine and coastal environment since the ship grounded, has taught hapu and iwi that no-one including the salvers and other experts, can be sure from one week to the next what is going to happen to the contents of the Rena.