20 Feb 2013

Support for third Maori language school in Christchurch

7:45 pm on 20 February 2013

A group representing most Maori language medium schools is backing a suggestion to build a third kura kaupapa in Christchurch.

The Government's scrapped plans to integrate Te Whanau Tahi and Te Kura Whakapumau i Te Reo Tuturu o Waitaha, but is now proposing to move one of the schools into the north of Christchurch to provide better access to Maori language medium education.

Te Runanga Nui o Nga Kura Kaupapa Maori o Aotearoa chairman Toni Waho says that's a big ask of the Education Ministry.

But he says it does highlight the fact that the ministry is prepared to invest a huge amount of money to build a new facility for one of the kura in Christchurch.

Te Whanau Tahi in Spreydon says it refuses to move and suggests the money be used build a satellite school.

Mr Waho agrees and says that would be more beneficial.

He says surely there is room for more than two kura kaupapa in Otautahi (Christchurch).

Mr Waho says the runanga is still waiting to hear directly from the two schools about that idea, but he hopes there will be some dialogue within Canterbury Maori language community - especially the parents of those children who wish for them to be instructed entirely in te reo Maori.