26 Feb 2013

Iwi ideas on lifting achievement

7:07 am on 26 February 2013

An arm of the Iwi Chairs forum is investigating how tribes can help lift education achievement among Maori children.

The Matauranga or Education Iwi Leaders Group delivered its recommendations to the Iwi Forum at Waitangi.

Among its recommendation is that iwi representatives should advocate for the government to increase resource funding for Maori Medium Education and that Te Reo Maori be made compulsory in all schools.

Group member Haami Piripi said it appears tamariki or Maori children are not being inspired by education, which he says needs to change.

In order to do that, he said the group is recommending that tribes' align iwi asset development with education and training needs so there is a seamless transition from education to work for tangata whenua.