4 Mar 2013

Iwi wants Pukerua Bay fishing ban to continue

7:34 pm on 4 March 2013

The iwi overseeing Pukerua Bay near Wellington says it supports a continued ban on fishing in the area.

Pukerua Bay has been closed to all fishing including commercial and recreational harvest since 2009 - except hand-held line fishing.

A new study by Victoria University says the seabed has paua in abundance. with juvenile numbers increasing five-fold between 2008 and 2012.

Tangata whenua including Ngati Toa have a strong interest in customary rights at Pukerua Bay, but put a voluntary rahui or ban on the area for iwi.

The Ngati Toa chair Taku Parai says iwi only take modest amounts of kaimoana from the area for functions such as weddings and funerals, which is how he wants it to remain.

The Ministry of Primary Industries is to review the management of the area next year.