7 Mar 2013

Ministry to hire team to help drive Maori economy

7:30 pm on 7 March 2013

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is breaking new ground in an effort to develop the Maori economy.

It's to set up a Maori Effectiveness Unit - to be led by a Tumu Whakarae (chief advisor).

There was no equivalent role in the departments that have been brought together to make up the new ministry.

The position will be supported by three senior specialist advisors.

The ministry's deputy chief executive, strategy and governance Liz MacPherson says her team will work on ways to boost the Maori economy.

She says they want to help raise economic performance and get more Maori into work.

Ms MacPherson says they hope to make appointments to the Maori Effectiveness Unit in two to three months.

The jobs will be advertised, but officials will also canvas iwi and other Maori networks to find the right people.