26 Mar 2013

Maori health provider to help workers into new jobs

9:11 am on 26 March 2013

A Maori health provider in Gisborne says it will do all it can to help its caregivers into new jobs when it finishes its home support service in a few months.

Turanga Health has been providing this care since 1997 and has 65 caregivers employed to help about 170 people.

The provider has been thinking about ending the home service part of the business for more than a year, so it can focus on GP and other community services.

Chief executive Reweti Ropiha says it is likely some staff will move to the new provider, CCS Disability Action, from July.

He says it has a good relationship with CCS and it will make sure staff get new jobs.

Mr Ropiha says the decision to cut the service wasn't taken lightly but Turanga Health is keen to focus on other areas of its business.