4 Apr 2013

High Court orders election for Auckland tribal body

7:02 pm on 4 April 2013

The High Court has ordered that all trustees on an Auckland treaty negotiating tribal body be removed and a new election be held.

Two groups within Ngai Tai ki Tamaki Tribal Trust applied to the court due to a squabble within the organisation.

A two day hearing was held in March and a judgement released on 27 March.

It says both sides argue that the other has acted improperly and should be removed as trustees.

One group made up of a majority of trustees alleges that two trustees should be removed - partly because it's claimed they're unreasonable, divisive and confrontational.

While allegations by other trustees, Emily Karaka and Deborah Pace, include that they were unlawfully excluded as trustees.

The High Court ruled that all trustees be removed from office as soon as possible, and an election be held before August - run by an independent chairperson.

Despite the court ruling, a hui-a-iwi has been called in order to consider removing trustee, Emily Karaka, as an iwi treaty negotiator.

The meeting's due to take place on Saturday from 10am at Umupuia Marae.