18 Apr 2013

Maori incorporation granted $2.6m for housing

10:02 am on 18 April 2013

A Bay of Plenty Maori land incorporation is now a step closer to being able to provide affordable housing for its iwi beneficiaries.

The Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporation has been granted $2.6 million from the Government's Social Housing Unit to build 20 large family homes on a papakainga estate in Tauranga.

The unit, Te Wahanga Kainga Papori, works with organisations that provide social and affordable housing, including not-for-profit, iwi, and private sector providers.

Incorporation trustee Victoria Kingi says the response from beneficiaries wanting to sign up to the project has been overwhelming.

She says many people have been contacting the office asking how they can join the waiting list.

Ms Kingi says there is great demand from Maori families who can't afford to purchase homes in Tauranga, given that the average property in the city costs 5.9 times the average annual salary.

She says that's the data for the general population - but for Maori those statistics are even worse.

Ms Kingi says the government funding will enable those families in desperate need to put a roof over their heads.

She says the incorporation looks to Maori development as another option to offer its beneficiaries affordable housing.

Ms Kingi says Mangatawa Papamoa is very grateful for the opportunity to be working with the Government to meet beneficiary housing needs.