19 Apr 2013

Closer relationship on land issues agreed

7:03 pm on 19 April 2013

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council has signed an agreement with Ngai Tuhoe to work more closely on land management issues.

A relationship protocol was signed this week by Ngai Tuhoe Treaty settlement entity Te Uru Taumatua chief executive Kirsti Luke and regional council chief executive Mary-Anne Macleod.

Ms Macleod said there would be positive gains for both parties, and that Tuhoe and the council will work together to benefit their communities.

Ngai Tuhoe has initialled a Treaty Deed of Settlement and is likely to sign soon. The protocol is outlined in the deed.

Maori make up about 27% of the population in the Bay of Plenty and about 33% of the land is Maori-owned.

The region has at least 36 iwi, over 200 hapu and more than 260 marae.