2 May 2013

Electoral Commission wants change to Maori roll timeframe

7:14 pm on 2 May 2013

The Electoral Commission has recommended that Parliament look at allowing Maori voters to choose between electoral rolls more often.

Currently, Maori registered to vote can only choose to be on the General roll or the Maori roll every five years, following the census.

The Electoral Commission has advised Parliament's Justice Select Committee to look at whether the option should be available every three years.

The commission made the suggestion in a submission for the committee's inquiry into the 2011 General Election, which has now been made public.

The commission says Maori voters regularly express concern they can't change rolls at election time.

It says those opposing the idea fear political parties would encourage voters to change rolls to win marginal seats.

The Maori Electoral Option is currently open, following this year's census.