27 May 2013

Green pledges to speak for those shut out

7:02 pm on 27 May 2013

The Green Party's candidate for Ikaroa-Rawhiti says she wants to speak up for people shut out of decision-making.

Marama Davidson is representing the Greens in next month's by-election in the eastern Maori electorate.

The mother of six children is currently working on the Owen Glenn Inquiry into family violence and child abuse, and is also a blogger and political commentator.

She says she will fight to protect the land and the sea, which she says are under threat from deep-sea oil drilling, fracking and mining.

Ms Davidson says not enough long-term sustainability is not being considered for the land and the people.

She says she's standing for the Greens because it has a tradition of intelligent activism, and she wants to give a voice to people who have not been part of the decision-making process.