20 Jun 2013

Maori immersion school teachers need more breaks - NZEI

6:39 am on 20 June 2013

The New Zealand Education Institute says Maori medium school teachers should get more breaks to stop them from burning out so quickly.

The Ministry of Education is developing strategies to ensure Maori immersion school teachers stick with their jobs for longer than the average, which is less than five years.

The institute's spokesperson for Maori members, Laures Park, says the burn out rate is phenomenal.

She says Maori immersion teachers have added pressure to keep up their competency in te reo Maori, a lack of resources, and trying to teach Maori children under a European system.

Ms Park believes they will remain in the service if they are given some form of sabbatical, so they can refresh and revitalise themselves.

She says the Government also needs to make it free for teachers to improve their reo Maori so more will teach at Maori medium schools.