24 Jun 2013

Maori business group sees wider opportunities in Indonesia

8:48 am on 24 June 2013

A Maori business delegation that's travelled to Southeast Asia says if manuka honey can be sold on the Indonesian market, meat, seafood and dairy could follow.

Consultants with the Poutama Trust say there's a demand for more New Zealand products in Indonesia.

The trust's chief executive, Richard Jones, says Indonesia has a largely self-sufficient economy and Maori businesses need to get themselves into the market with manuka honey before they can sell other products.

He says there's an opportunity to sell more New Zealand meat, seafood and dairy.

And with Indonesia's main airline, Garuda, considering direct flights to Auckland, he says tourism aimed at Indonesians is another area that could be developed.

Mr Jones says there are also opportunities in agribusiness services and there's scope to set up New Zealand farming systems in Indonesia.