26 Jul 2013

Govt agency explains cut in funded TV hours

7:11 pm on 26 July 2013

The Maori broadcasting funding agency has explained why it has reduced the number of television hours for companies competing for cash to produce Maori language programmes.

Te Mangai Paho's Statement of Intent for 2013-2018 reports that contestable television funding for this year has been cut by $300,000.

The statement shows that contestable funded hours have reduced by 68 this year, and are expected to fall by a further 60 hours next year.

Te Mangai Paho indicates the hours have reduced because of an increase in the average hourly cost to make programmes, which it says was $7000 more than last year.

More direct funding for Maori TV

Te Mangai Paho says to compensate for the reduction in constable hours, funding for Maori television programmes has increased.

The agency's statement of intent shows the national Maori broadcaster's hours will increase by 60 hours next year.