1 Aug 2013

Call for schools to be accountable for Maori failure

7:30 pm on 1 August 2013

The Iwi Education Authority says teachers won't improve their attitudes towards Maori students unless they're made to take responsibility.

The Ministry of Education's Maori learning strategy, Ka Hikitia, is to be relaunched following an Auditor-General report, which found the plan was poorly implemented in 2008.

On Wednesday, MPs questioned the Auditor-General about what the scheme does to curb institutional racism in schools.

The Iwi Education Authority says Ka Hikitia goes a long way to doing that, but the ministry can't control how schools adopt it.

Iwi Education Authority chair Pem Bird says it's likely the document will remain unread in some schools, and the way around that is to hold them accountable for the performance of their Maori students.

Mr Bird says schools need to accept responsibility.