15 Aug 2013

Ngati Rarua at odds about who has mandate - Jones

7:19 pm on 15 August 2013

Labour's Maori Affairs spokesperson says it's disappointing to see ongoing quarrels amongst South Island iwi, Ngati Rarua, about which tribal entity should govern its Treaty assets.

The Maori Affairs Select Committee held hearings in Nelson and Blenheim on Wednesday on the Tau Ihu Claims Settlement Bill, which involves eight iwi at the top of the South Island.

Shane Jones.

Shane Jones. Photo: LABOUR PARTY

The bill, valued at $300 million, passed its first reading in Parliament in June.

Labour Party committee member Shane Jones says different iwi entities, under Ngati Rarua, are arguing about who has the iwi mandate.

He says it's not the committee's job to solve mandate issues, but says it's not helpful to see continuous wrangles about mandate acted out in public.

Mr Jones says the issues surrounding the settlement bill are quite complicated because of the number of iwi involved.