15 Aug 2013

More needs to be known about recreational snapper fishers

7:19 pm on 15 August 2013

The Maori Fisheries Trust, Te Ohu Kaimoana, says Maori have interests in all aspects of fishing, but it can't say how snapper catch reductions will impact on iwi.

The Ministry for Primary Industries has suggested decreasing the daily snapper catch limit for recreational fishers in the upper North Island.

Chief executive of the trust Peter Douglas says Maori have interests in customary, commercial and recreational fishing.

He says it is unsure what impact catch reductions will have on recreational Maori fishers, because not enough is known about them.

Mr Douglas says sound information is needed about who the recreational fishers are and how much fish they actually take.

Consultation on the proposals closes on Friday 23 August.

He says the ministry has to find a balance across all elements.