15 Aug 2013

International rise of indigenous art topic of Dunedin lecture

7:19 pm on 15 August 2013

A lecture on the international rise of indigenous art will be presented in Dunedin on Thursday night by a renowned Maori art historian.

Jonathan Mane-Wheoki is a professor of fine arts at the University of Auckland and the head of arts and visual culture at Te Papa.

The lecture - Remembrance, Resistance and Resurgence relates to ancestry, liberation movements of indigenous people and their rise in the political spectrum.

Professor Mane-Wheoki, says while the lecture will take a broad view of indigenous art around the world, it will also focus on the connections made with Maori artists.

He says for example, there's now a commercial dealer in Vancouver specialising in indigenous works including Maori art.

Professor Mane-Wheoki says the first ever global exhibition of contemporary art to include works from Maori artists is showing at the National Art Gallery of Canada.