21 Aug 2013

Landcorp deal too good to turn down

6:37 am on 21 August 2013

A collective of Far North iwi says Landcorp has offered it a 10-year deal too good to turn down.

The Te Hiku Forum, including Te Rarawa, Ngati Kuri and Ngai Takoto, will have its Treaty Settlement ratified by Parliament this year.

Te Hiku chair Haami Piripi said the bill includes the return of farm land, which Landcorp has proposed to manage on behalf of iwi for the next 10 years. The farms are performing well and iwi don't want that to change.

Mr Piripi said Landcorp offered to work through the transition process with iwi, help meet its goals and to train young Maori in farming vocations.

The deal is empowering and allows the Far North iwi to be involved in the management committee before the farms are actually returned, he said.