28 Aug 2013

Goal to eradicate racism in public health by 2017

7:06 am on 28 August 2013

The Public Health Association has given itself until 2017 to eradicate racism it sees in the sector.

The Human Rights Commission held a diversity forum on Tuesday, which included a session on whether all New Zealanders are getting a fair go in health services.

The panel included Auckland University of Technology lecturer in community health and development, Heather Came, of the association.

Her PhD study found Maori are treated differently by doctors, are under-represented at decision-making tables, and as providers, are under more scrutiny than non-Maori primary health organisations.

She says the Public Health Association has passed a remit to take action against racism in the sector, and an interim working group has been set up with a goal to eradicate racism by 2017.

Dr Came said the group has applied for research funding and is starting on a working plan and terms of reference.