23 Sep 2013

Army boot camps deliver fish factory workforce

6:38 am on 23 September 2013

A company training young Maori to work on fishing boats is praising the Government's boot camps for providing high calibre students.

Rangatahi who complete the Army's Limited Service Volunteer course go on to become trainees at Westport Deep Sea Fishing School.

They graduate to work on the big fish factory boats, which stay at sea for about six weeks.

School owner Peter Maich says the students arrive from the boot camps disciplined and ready to roll up their sleeves.

He says a fair number of young male and female Maori go to the military camps - because they like the Army, the adventure, and the sense of community.

Mr Maich says he then offers the attendees a future in the fishing industry - and says the youngsters are happy to give it a crack.

He says about 80% of his trainees are Maori, and most come from small towns in the North Island - with increasing numbers from Auckland.