9 Oct 2013

Hapu eyes dairy farms as housing plans slashed

7:33 am on 9 October 2013

A Northland hapu might invest in more farms, after its plans to make money from selling houses were savagely cut back.

Te Uri o Hau originally wanted permission to build 2000 properties on ancestral land but over the past few years the project at Te Arai, near Mangawhai, has shrunk - partly to protect endangered birds. It's now asking Auckland Council if 46 plots can be built on.

Sub-tribe Trustee Russell Kemp, says the smaller development alone will not be enough to generate an income.

Te Uri o Hau already owns a dairy farm, which was brought with funds from its Treaty claim, and Mr Kemp says his personal goal is for the hapu to buy two more dairy farms, while other descendants talk about venturing into the honey business.

Te Uri o Hau has 700 members who need the money for such things as education, marae restoration, and the ability to attend hui. He says members also want to leave a good investment for future generations.