31 Oct 2013

Mana and Maori parties look to develop policies

7:22 pm on 31 October 2013

The Maori and Mana parties have taken the first step to mend relations by agreeing to develop policies to improve Maori outcomes.

Maori Party co-vice president Ken Mair met with Mana Party president Annette Sykes in Auckland on Wednesday night.

The aim of the hui was to figure out how they might work together on certain issues, such as unemployment, child poverty and housing.

In what she called a coming together of old friends, Annette Sykes says it was a productive hui.

She says it's very clear to both parties that there's a need for a policy approach that ensures an independent Maori voice and agenda.

Ms Sykes says they also discussed higher level strategic matters, and hope to develop those before Christmas.