29 Nov 2013

Tachikawa workers say protest helps stop legal action

8:49 am on 29 November 2013

Laid-off Tachikawa sawmill workers in Rotorua are certain their protest has helped stop a logging supply firm from pursuing legal action - which would have jeopardised their final payout.

The First Union organised the rally on behalf of most of the 120 workers - many of them Maori - after staff received letters from Tachikawa's receiver saying their payments would be delayed because of legal action by an unnamed company.

Union members suspected Hancock Timber Management wanted its investment back from Tachikawa's receiver KordaMentha.

Hancock says it has not filed a legal challenge, but has registered a claim for money with KordaMentha.

Former Tachikawa log inspector Turei Heurea says despite the firm's denial, he believes the workers' rally has made some headway.

He says whoever the company is, they would have got the message as a result of their protest.

Mr Heurea is amused that the KordaMentha came back to them after the rally and said they can now make progress on workers' payments.