2 Dec 2013

Iwi members urged to take up farming

6:52 am on 2 December 2013

A large Whanganui Maori land incorporation is calling for more of its iwi members to become farmers through the Awhi Whenua Farm School.

The Atihau-Whanganui Incorporation covers a 42,000 hectare land block along the Whanganui River and farms more than 200,000 stock units.

Its agricultural operations on behalf of 7000 shareholders include forestry and sheep, beef and dairy farming.

Chairperson Mavis Mullins says the incorporation and the farming industry are working together to encourage more tangata whenua to work the land.

She says the Te Atihau Trust, which gives out grants and scholarships, has implented the Awhi Whenua farm training scheme to ensure Whanganui iwi descendants get access to training and the opportunities to further their career.

Ms Mullins says she is also encouraging Pakeha farmers to consider taking on Maori farming students and for holiday work.